5 Star Vendors List

Below is our list of platinum vendors. All of these professionals are our service providers we personally use or have recommended and screened by our team.

Genesis Carpet Cleaning

Today I’m excited to be joined by Andrew Gonzales from Genesis Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning for the chance to talk about what people should look for in a quality carpet cleaning company.

Andrew started Genesis back in 2003 as a family-owned business. Because of this, he knows exactly who he is working with and can trust that the job is being done well. Everyone there is invested in the quality of their work.

Genesis believes in using the best technology available. They use a truck-mounted system that’s actually a car engine that’s able to heat the water up to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. They also use an RX-20—a deep cleaning machine that scrubs carpet at 360 revolutions per minute and has such a strong vacuum power that it can pull even sand out of carpets. Right now, Genesis has 195 reviews on Yelp—95% of which are five stars. Andrew and his team worked hard to get such positive feedback because they truly care about doing the best job for their customers.

Moving Company - Ace Relocation

Scott Cramer from Ace Relocation joins us to discuss three things to look for when selecting a moving company.

  1. Pay attention to the mover's reputation. Do your research. Read customer reviews, and make sure everyone that you allow into your home is on the up and up.
  2. Make sure the company has workers' compensation insurance. This ensures that if someone gets injured on the job, the company will not sue the homeowners.
  3. The mover should care. You want them to care for the home and the goods they are moving.

With Ace Relocation, the home itself will be protected by rug and hardwood floor covers, and everything will be wrapped appropriately. Anything that's breakable will be covered first with cardboard, then pad-wrapped, and then shrink-wrapped. That's why we recommend Scott Cramer and Ace Relocation to all of our clients. Ace Relocation is a great moving company. To contact Scott, call (408) 605-7412 or email SCramer@AceRelocation.com.

Solar: ProVoltz Solar

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We chose ProVoltz as our partner as they are Diamond Certified and 5Star on Yelp. In addition everyone at ProVoltz is an experienced solar expert consultant, designer, or installer. They also choose only the best products for their customers that represent the highest value for your solar investment. They only use SunPower panels, the premier solar manufacturer in the industry, because they provide the greatest return on your investment period. Their custom hybrid mounting systems and can work with any type of roof you may have. Let them know about your special situation, so they can help you find the best solution.

Estate Planning & Probate Law- The Dayton Law Firm

The Dayton Law Firm is committed to delivering personalized attention and top quality estate plans because we know what’s at stake. . .

  • Your children and grandchildren’s future.
  • Your health and long-term care wishes.
  • Your past memories and future dreams.
  • Your assets and property.
  • Your values and goals.

By selecting the Dayton Law Firm for your estate planning needs, you are making a commitment to your family’s future. You are freeing them from difficult financial choices and painful personal decisions on your behalf.

As a Certified Estate Planning Specialist, Richard Dayton is one of a select few of California attorneys who have achieved such distinction. You can be confident that he will create a comprehensive estate planning solution that you and your family can depend on. Find out more about how the Dayton Law Firm estate planning team can help you with your California estate planning needs.

Bankruptcy Law - Law Offices of W. Kirk Moore

The Law Offices of W. Kirk Moore eliminates the burden of overwhelming debt and replaces it with an opportunity for you to start over on your terms. We do this while protecting your home, cars, personal assets and business. The choice to take a new path to your financial future is yours and we are here to make it possible.

Our goal is to assist individuals, families, and small businesses to reach a better financial future. We provide you with the legal guidance to achieve true financial freedom while offering personal service and expert knowledge of the law.

In 2013 attorney Moore was appointed Chair of the Chapter 13 Trustee Committee and was recently invited to serve as a Bench-Bar Liaison by the Judges in Northern California. With attorney Kirk Moore as your legal counsel, you will have an experienced attorney who will listen to your needs as well as fight for your rights in court.

Our client’s success is our number one goal. Come see what it feels like to speak with an attorney who always treats you as a person, rather than a case number.

Law Offices of W. Kirk Moore 586 N 1st Street, Suite 202
San Jose, CA 95112

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